August 5, 2019

Did you know that there are wage and hour laws regarding time an employee spends donning and doffing?  Yes, I know.  It does sound like a slapstick version of Starsky and Hutch, but it is a real thing, albeit less fun.  Several states require that employers consider time an employee spends changing into and out of a uniform or washing up before or after work to be compensable.  This means that if you work in an environment where an employee comes to work and must spend a considerable amount of time getting suited up to begin work, for example by putting on personal protective equipment or gear, the employee must be paid for that time.  Likewise, if throughout the course of the employee’s shift, the employee must take time to carefully wash up before they can head home, or remove the gear they put on in the morning, the employee must be paid for that time.  California, New York, and Montana are just a few examples of states that require companies pay employees for time spent donning and doffing.  For more information about how to comply with your state’s wage and hour laws, contact one of the attorneys at myHRcounsel for further assistance.

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