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  • $1.49 PEPM, Min. $75.00/mo (1 year term)

  • Unlimited access to employment lawyers

  • Access to hundreds of employment law documents & templates

  • 24/7 HR/employment law advice

  • Legally completed employee handbook & updates

  • Legally completed employment documents

  • Access to employment law checklists & updates

Questions about myHRcounsel? 


myhrcounsel pro™

  • $3.00 PEPM, Min. $300/mo (1 year term)

  • Includes myHRcounsel™ (above)

  • Unlimited access to business law documents & templates

  • Unlimited drafting & review to myHRcounsel Pro's™ business forms (MSA's, license agreements, NDAs)

  • Review of 2 non-myHRcounsel Pro's business documents per month

  • Expert assistance with corporate policies & procedures

  • Commercial Collections: 15% Contingent fee on pre-litigation/30% if litigation required on claims

  • Consumer Collections: 25% Contingent fee on pre-litigation claims

Questions about myHRcounsel Pro?

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 7.31.32 PM.png

myERISA wrap™

  • $50.00/mo Flat Fee (1 year term)

  • For Health and Welfare plans:

  • (1) Legally completed SPD/Wrap document (Health & Welfare plans)

  • Access to complete library of required ERISA plan notices

  • Access to complete library of ERISA documents (SMM's, SAR's, etc.)

  • Access to employment and ERISA law checklists & updates

  • $5M ERISA Service Guarantee

Questions about myERISA Wrap?

screen shot iStock-639185962.jpg

ERISA Complete™

  • $140.00/mo Flat Fee; $220.00/mo Flat Fee with (1) IRS Form 5500 included ($750 per additional 5500)

  • For Health and Welfare plans:

  • Legally prepared Premium documents in the ERISA Dynamic Compliance Calendar

  • Legally completed SPD/Wrap & POP documents (Health & Welfare plans)

  • Unlimited access to ERISA attorneys & Access to complete library of required ERISA plan notices

  • $5M ERISA Service Guarantee

Questions about ERISA Complete?

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